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Routine and high risk obstetrics:
a. multiple gestation
b. gestational diabetes
c. previous cesarean sections
d. other complications that may arise

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Ambulatory Gynecology
Ambulatory Gynecology includes:
a. hormonal imbalances
b. problems associated with irregular menstruation
c. postmenopausal bleeding
d. screening and prevention of osteoporisi
e. mammogram screening , breast exams and the Halo Breast Pap Smear
f. pelvic pain
g. complete Well Woman Exams - including head to toe physical with blood work for complete blood count, thyroid panel, Lipid panel, Comprehensive panel, and a urinalysis along with breast screening and pap smear.

Surgical Gynecology
This is also referred to as pelvic reconstructive surgery. These might include:
a. minimally invasive abdominal hysterectomy ( see discussion)
b. vaginal hysterectomy
c. correctiv surgery for urinary incontinence
d. suspension or re-suspension of the vagina for vaginal prolapse
e. suspension or re-suspension of the bladder
f. corrective surgery for rectocele (herniation of the vaginal floor)
g. vaginal rejuvination (relaxation of the vaginal opening)
h. reduction of the labia minora
i. hysteroscopy/ D&C
j. open laparoscopy surgery for treatment and/or diagnosis of pelvic disorders

OB/GYN Infectious Diseases
These might include:
a. postpartum infections
b. postoperative infections associated with gynecological surgery
c. sexually transmitted diseases
d. infections in pregnancy (exclusive of HIV)
e. Hidradenitis

Care Philosophy

Dedicated to the well-being of women, we provide a high-level of care to our patients. Our staff is courteous and works closely with patients to ensure an understanding of the care provided. We strive to be your partner in maintaining good health.
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